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Evolution of a cat photo. 

Late fall. The air cooled for a few weeks. We left the windows open. Peals of laughter from the playground across the street. Horns far off. Lily took to sitting at the window in the warm breeze. I’d drink coffee in the morning and take her photo. Hard not to when she’s like that, limned in gold. I bought her a contraption… Read more →

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My Week in Media

This week marked the start of 202020, a bootcamp-like film program at Stony Brook Southampton.   For 20 days I’m happily immersed in all things film production. I just wrapped my own short film (you’ll notice the count down clock to the left is at 0!) and now I’m learning the ropes in camera and audio.   And this week (along… Read more →

Danielle at the carriage house, our headquarters for the summer.

Dispatches from the Stony Brook Film Scout

 This weekend I spent time at Stony Brook University in Southampton scouting locations for a project I’ll shoot there in July. Together with my classmates from the Digital Filmmaking Program I’ll write, shoot, and edit a short film this summer. First up was casting: It was thrilling to see everyone’s work come alive via a group of talented actors working on camera.… Read more →

Shakespeare in the Park

Sunday marked the opening night of the 52nd year in The Public Theater’s summer tradition of performing classic plays for free in Central Park’s Delacorte Theater. One of this year’s performances is William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”, starring Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater as dueling would-be lovers Beatrice and Benedick. Crowds came early to reserve picnic spots and to enjoy… Read more →

Happy Birthday for the Bard at BAM.

This week Jake and I drove up to Brooklyn to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday with the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Julius Caesar. The show was great, as was the talk back that was led by Ian Wooldridge (Dean of the British American Drama Academy) and Joe Mydell (a former teacher of mine from BADA who played Casca in this production.)… Read more →

A Visit to the Green Cabin.

It’s the one year anniversary of The Green Cabin Year. Today Jake and I made a visit back to the farm to celebrate. Everything was just as we left it in December,  except this time around the trees wore bright green halos and the robins were out in force. We laid on a blanket and had a picnic of wine, cheese,… Read more →