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My Week in Media

This week I read (and loved, of course) My Name is Lucy Barton.                   I started The Queen of the Night.   I watched the documentary Twinsters. Which was wonderful and sweet. And I interviewed psychologist Paul Bloom for Guernica Magazine.   I become moderately obsessed with Younger. More so Sutton Foster,… Read more →

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My Week in Media

  This week I watched The True Cost, a documentary about the social and environmental impacts of “fast fashion.” Watch it and cry. A lot. (Side note: It’s ok to cry when things hurt your heart! That’s just part of being alive! Stitch it back up. You can do it.) But after you cry, think some about what understanding and… Read more →

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My Month in Media

This month I read A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I thought about linking to one of the many reviews coming out by the day (NPR, LA Times, etc.)… but I’d rather not warn you or inform your reading of it if you decide to pick it up for yourself. All I’ll say is it’s brutal and dazzling.   I also watched Rich… Read more →

First Edits 2

Some stills from recent film work.

I’ve neglected My Week in Media for the last, oh, month or so?   But it’s been worth it!   I’ve been less focused on consuming media as I have been on *making* it, thanks in part to a stellar film class at NYU’s journalism school, where I have to honor of working with some talented news and documentary peers… Read more →

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My Month in Media

This month in media:   I saw The Homesman at The Angelika.   Unfortunately I just couldn’t get into it. The tone shifts felt erratic and distracting. I felt a bit like I was being taught a lesson about genre and style. The characters and story felt secondary to the visual experiments with camera angles and movement. The swelling soundtrack reminded me… Read more →

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My Week in Media

This week I finished reading Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist. In was a lesson in essay writing. It was beautiful in that heartbreaking kind of way, so true. Not long ago I went to a talk at a bookstore about the essay form. One of the panelists (Leslie Jamison, I think?) described the essay as an interrogation of an idea. I liked that. An… Read more →

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My Week in Media

This week I watched the charming and entertaining documentary Tim’s Vermeer (after hearing about it here.) I began reading Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay. Already SO good. Smart, fun, and in commuting sized chapters. And I scheduled color correction and sound design for my short film from 20/20/20! Yippie!       Read more →

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My Week in Media

This week marked the start of 202020, a bootcamp-like film program at Stony Brook Southampton.   For 20 days I’m happily immersed in all things film production. I just wrapped my own short film (you’ll notice the count down clock to the left is at 0!) and now I’m learning the ropes in camera and audio.   And this week (along… Read more →

Local News Star

My Week in Media

June 30th – July 5th   This week I listened to Julie Klausner’s “How Was Your Week?” and felt sorry for myself for not seeing her show at Joes Pub last week. — I lost my cat.   But wait, how is that part of your week in media?    Because the local news came to my aide: And nice… Read more →