My Week in Media

TV: Chilly December nights were a good excuse to spend time on new TV show, so I’ve officially joined the ranks of Westworld addicts.

Birds: I’m also addicted to a new non-media related hobby: birding. I’m finding Merlin and eBird helpful in identifying my resident winter birds. There’s a red tailed hawk that frequents the sky outside my apartment window. And I saw a nuthatch hopping along a tree on Ditmas Ave the other day. There’s something magical about spotting urban birds. I love how it makes me look at my neighborhood from a new perspective.

Books: This week I’ve been reading Alison Gopnick’s new book “The Carpenter and the Gardener” and re-reading “Stoned”, a fun account of the history of jewelry and desire.

Multimedia: Just for fun I’m producing a short audio story about the construction of a tiny and elaborate train set. I decided to interview a model train builder because I love how people can get so zeroed in on such complex but small scale endeavors – why do we love miniaturization? What’s so soothing about working with our hands? I’ll share it here when I’m done.

Online: I’ve also been reading tons of interviews, per usual. In November I finished reading “On Immunity” and came across this Q+A with author Eula Biss. I loved her take on process and open ended research. This part stuck out to me:

For me, form has always been more of a product of process. It’s more, I went through this thought process and here are the relics of that process, rather than I decided what I wanted my product to look like before I started writing and wrote to that. – Eula Biss

Biss accepts the chaos of open ended research and sees it as grist for the mill for some essay writers. Feeling lost means you’re on track, if that’s your style. And I think it’s mine…

Writing: Right now I’m working on a researched essay about efforts to revive textile manufacturing in the northeast. I have tons of pages of notes but no through line quite yet. Reminding myself that being overloaded and lost is part of the process, not a failure, is reassuring and makes the work fun again.

This month I also saw my first print publication in the form of a little write up about chef and potter collaborations at D.C. restaurants for Edible DC. Here’s a link to the e-magazine version.




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