My Month in Media

My month in media: VR, UX, and #bookstagrams


At work I had the opportunity to edit a twelve part report called Exploring Future Reality.




The report can be found online at the NYC Media Lab website, here. Check out the report for an overview of the state of the industry, a guide for best practices in production and distribution of virtual reality content, and projections on how VR will shape the media landscape.

I learned a lot in editing this report, everything from the different types of cameras available, to how software for stitching together 360 video works. It gave me an itch to create my own 360 video project of some sort. Now I just need to convince someone to lend a camera array

At work I also visited ESPN for an awesome project the lab coordinated between Pratt Institute UX designers and ESPN’s mobile team.


Tell me more about this thing you call “sports”.

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Over the last month I also spent some time catching up with reading.

I discovered the hashtag #bookstagram and I’m now obsessed with sharing my reading list with the world.


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And I just started reading My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem for the Our Shared Shelf book club.
But sadly I have no #bookstagram of this one, since it’s on my commuter friendly Kindle.