My Week in Media


This week I watched The True Cost, a documentary about the social and environmental impacts of “fast fashion.”

Watch it and cry. A lot. (Side note: It’s ok to cry when things hurt your heart! That’s just part of being alive! Stitch it back up. You can do it.)

But after you cry, think some about what understanding and awareness can mean for change. Think about shopping at “fast fashion” stores, and maybe consider *not* going there.

Read this, and feel empowered about your choices as a consumer.



My media diet this week also included some lovely podcasts:


  1.  I got hooked on Philosophy Bites. My commute is now so much less stressful because I’m busy thinking about complicated philisophical topics I don’t really understand. But that’s ok. These are “bites” of info about different topics in philosophy, led by leaders in the field, and they’re actually really accessible and entertaining. And the fact that they’re also dense is good. Less thinking about the commute, more mulling over interesting topics like speciesism, or the aims of education.
  2. I know I keep gushing about SheDoes, but really. It’s so good. And their weekly live chats are my new favorite thing.
  3. The Diane Rehm Show podcast. I left DC two years ago, but I can’t (and won’t ever) let go of this show.
  4. Reply All. So fun. So good. So weird. As should be a podcast about the internet.


This week I read Good Prose. It was good.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.04.31 PM



Oh yeah, and I made this GIF of my dog at the beach: