My Week in Media

Last Friday I watched David Oyelowo in “Nightingale”.

It reminded me, strangely, of a stage performance by Carrie Mulligan in “Through a Glass Darkly”. Different stories and different characters, yeah, but a similarly honest approach to acting mental illness.

“Nightingale” was terrifying and brutal. But what made it more troubling was how tender I felt towards the murderous main character. He was unwell and fully flawed, but Oyelowo’s performance reminded us that he was fully human, too.



Over the weekend I went to a few picnics and made apricot preserves. Since finishing up grad school classes I’ve been able to think about food again in iterations other than vending machine form. I turned to a new cookbook for inspiration:



On Monday I finished up Sarah Munguiso’s Ongoingness.



Which reminded me that I forgot to include last week that I read the delightful The Folded Clock.


Which reminded me I forgot to mention that last week I also read the diary-ish novel Department of Speculation.



On Tuesday I saw The Steeldrivers at Joe’s Pub. It was magical. I went alone. (None of my friends are hardcore bluegrass fans…sigh.)


And my commute has been very podcast heavy lately: This week I listened to a few episodes of the Longform podcast, and especially enjoyed the most recent one with Cheryl Strayed.




My media diet shopping list for next week:

  1. Explore some Brooklyn beaches with my camera
  2. Work on a short film upstate over the weekend, reuniting with my film school pals
  3. Find a new book to read…