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My Week in Media

Last Friday I watched David Oyelowo in “Nightingale”. It reminded me, strangely, of a stage performance by Carrie Mulligan in “Through a Glass Darkly”. Different stories and different characters, yeah, but a similarly honest approach to acting mental illness. “Nightingale” was terrifying and brutal. But what made it more troubling was how tender I felt towards the murderous main character.… Read more →


My Week in Media

This week I read page-turning thriller The Girl on the Train. I landed a sweet volunteer opportunity with one of my favorite literary magazines.   I was dazzled by the Netflix series Chef’s Table.   I fell in love with the She Does podcast and listened to five episodes in a row! It’s so good!!   This week I’m also… Read more →

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My Month in Media

This month I read A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I thought about linking to one of the many reviews coming out by the day (NPR, LA Times, etc.)… but I’d rather not warn you or inform your reading of it if you decide to pick it up for yourself. All I’ll say is it’s brutal and dazzling.   I also watched Rich… Read more →

First Edits 2

Some stills from recent film work.

I’ve neglected My Week in Media for the last, oh, month or so?   But it’s been worth it!   I’ve been less focused on consuming media as I have been on *making* it, thanks in part to a stellar film class at NYU’s journalism school, where I have to honor of working with some talented news and documentary peers… Read more →