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My Week in Media

This week marked the start of 202020, a bootcamp-like film program at Stony Brook Southampton.   For 20 days I’m happily immersed in all things film production. I just wrapped my own short film (you’ll notice the count down clock to the left is at 0!) and now I’m learning the ropes in camera and audio.   And this week (along… Read more →

Local News Star

My Week in Media

June 30th – July 5th   This week I listened to Julie Klausner’s “How Was Your Week?” and felt sorry for myself for not seeing her show at Joes Pub last week. — I lost my cat.   But wait, how is that part of your week in media?    Because the local news came to my aide: And nice… Read more →

Multimedia Journalism field trip to CNN this week. The producer we met said: data journalism is the new frontier.

My Week in Media

June 23rd – 27th Read a great article in Propeller Magazine about Game of Thrones. Practiced talking to strangers for my journalism class. Then visited CNN for a field trip. Read This is the Story of a Happy Marriage.   I love what Pachett writes of Grace Paley: “She taught me that writing must not be compartmentalized. You don’t step… Read more →

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My Week in Media

June 16th – 20th Over the weekend I planned for a short film shoot in Southampton, NY. We held casting sessions, scouted locations, and made floor plans for our shoot day. Later I picked up the book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work on the recommendation of a friend. I’ve been needing some non-academic related reading lately, but even this calls out… Read more →