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My Month in Media

This month in media:   I saw The Homesman at The Angelika.   Unfortunately I just couldn’t get into it. The tone shifts felt erratic and distracting. I felt a bit like I was being taught a lesson about genre and style. The characters and story felt secondary to the visual experiments with camera angles and movement. The swelling soundtrack reminded me… Read more →


My Week(s) in Media, Oct. 5th – 25th

  My media diet of late has been a healthy mix of nutrient rich and fluff stuff. My morning commute, if I plan ahead properly, has proven to be a filling 40 minutes. This week I listened to a few great podcasts, plowed through my Instapaper line up, and did some light Twitter eavesdropping. I went to a panel, a reading, and… Read more →

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My Month in Media – September

My last post was is August, about a month ago. My media diet has piled up since then. It’s been rich and satisfying in a way that is distracting from blogging. But then what’s the point of consuming and not making note of it? My aim has always been to think through my media habits by blogging, to use it as… Read more →

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My Week in Media

This week I read a fantastic article about ancestry in Harpers by Maude Newton. I pre-ordered a bunch of books from my (the) Community Bookstore, including Dinner, A Playbook. Which is odd since, you know, I don’t have kids. But I love the Dinner a Love Story blog for the voice and writing style. It’s easy to ignore that the… Read more →